A Day in the Woods Release, And Other News

Our latest game, A Day in The Woods (check it out!), is recieving critical acclaim and garnering lots of attention from big names and places across the web!

We’re very excited of course, as it was a product of a lot of love and labour from our dedicated team, and we here at RetroEpic want to thank everyone involved with helping us getting it out there.

So, in the spirit of giving back to our fans and customers, we’re dropping the retail price of Uberboat 2 down to $10, and every preorder (including existing ones) will include a copy of A Day in the Woods free!

Aside from that a lot of exciting projects, ideas and developments are buzzing around the RetroEpic offices, keeping us busy and on our toes, so stay tuned to your favourite lil’ indie developers blog for more info as it happens!


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