RetroEpic Software | Keith and Niki Boshoff

About RetroEpic Software

RetroEpic Software was founded by two very passionate people – brothers Niki and Keith Boshoff – in KwaZulu Natal, the garden province of South Africa, in 2007. Since then, we’ve grown to a larger team with a wide range of specialised game development skills and talents. We’ve also moved to Cape Town to get a better view of the famous Table Mountain.

We’re very proud of both the independent game titles we have produced as well as the game development projects we have worked on with our partners.

At RetroEpic Software, we believe in fostering long-term partnership relationships to create the highest quality games for mobile and desktop. If you choose to develop your game with us, we will work closely with you at every stage of the project, as needed. We not only provide programming, art and animation services, but also boast a team with highly developed game design, rapid prototyping and level design skills.

If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch!

Meet the RetroEpic Team

Niki Boshoff | RetroEpic Software

Niki Boshoff

Penny Pincher

One of the mad duo who started RetroEpic, Niki is secretly on a mission to equip everyone with their own kitten. He’s often distracted from this mission by Jem’s demands for shiny new Apple toys and the need to tease Neal.

Keith Boshoff | RetroEpic Software

Keith Boshoff


The other half of the mad duo, Keith might have been gifted with more madness. It’s difficult to tell because no one’s gotten close enough to ask the question without being growled at.

Theunis Lombard | RetroEpic Software

Theunis Lombard

Generally Awesome

Theunis is the friendliest guy in the office. Except for that one time when he wasn’t – but it’s best not to bring that up. Especially if we want him to continue to keep us hydrated and alert with regular rounds of tea and coffee.

Hannes Ferreira | RetroEpic Software

Hannes Ferreira


The existence of the Hunni has never been irrefutably confirmed. It is rumoured that he hails from the far reaches known as Oudtshoorn, which in the ancient tongue means old horn (in some dialects it’s still oats horn). All we know for sure is that if we send proper offerings to the creature, we receive a bounty of rewards in the form of textures and other art assets.

Paul Lombard | RetroEpic Software

Paul Lombard

Pustular Pixel Appropriator

Paul’s penchant for pixels and pustules is probably partly a result of his permanent residence under a particularly orc-populated bridge. We’re big on diversity here at RetroEpic, so we’re non-judgemental.