A Day in the Woods | Steam Greenlight

A Day in the Woods is on Steam Greenlight!

Our award-winning puzzler game, A Day in the Woods, is finally making its debut on Steam Greenlight! After a fantastic original release on PC, with an overwhelmingly positive response from both journalists and players alike, we’ve made a lot of updates and revitalised the game with each of the 60 puzzle levels either having been streamlined or completely overhauled for an even better player experience. We now believe we have an even better game to share but we need your help getting Greenlit:

We’d love your support!

Please visit the Steam Greenlight page using either of the links below and vote YES! to help get us Greenlit!

*Your Steam client will need to be running for this link to work.

In addition, to say thank you to our original supporters, every player who bought the original A Day in the Woods will receive a free Steam Key of the game once it’s released.

About A Day in the Woods

A Day in the Woods is a stylish re-imagining of the traditional sliding puzzle game. As Little Red Riding Hood’s wispy winged sprite, it’s up to you to solve each hexagon-tiled level and get Red safely to Granny’s house. By moving tiles around each board, you’lll help Little Miss Red avoid bears, spiders and (of course) the big bad wolf while collecting flowers and berries along the way. There’ll be some friends to help you too, including bunny rabbits, beehives and the local woodcutter.


  • 60 updated and streamlined puzzle levels, each introducing new and increasingly complex problems to solve
  • “Par” challenges on each level add an extra layer of difficulty for the puzzle masters to test their problem-solving skills
  • Revitalised artwork adds extra charm to the wood-cut style and fairy-tale feel
  • Updated UI elements are easy to use and understand
  • Even more unlockable elements allow players to personalise their sprite with different wings, flares and trails all in their favourite colours
  • 4 unlockable seasons to play each level in, creating a different, and beautiful, atmosphere
  • Suitable for all ages and enjoyed by children and adults alike