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Talking on Cape Talk Radio about RetroEpic and #cocreate2ACCELERATE

In case you missed it – and no one would blame you because it was super early in the morning and we also would rather be hiding under the covers – we chatted very briefly to Bryan on Cape Talk Radio about our experiences with #cocreate2ACCELERATE and working with Dutch Innovator, Esther Jacobs. Click on the sound cloud link below to listen in.



A Day in the Woods | Successfully Greenlit

Thanks to you, we’ve been Greenlit!

Thanks to every single person who voted yes, left a comment and shared our Greenlight campaign in their social networks, Steam has deemed us popular enough to Greenlight!

A Day in the Woods was on Greenlight for just 16 days and we’ve been just delighted and grateful for all the support we’ve received.

There is now a little bit of work for us to do to integrate the game to Steam’s system – as well as add Trading Cards and Steam Achievements – before we can finally release the game for sale. This will hopefully take no longer than a month.

Thanks once again for supporting RetroEpic Software and our flagship title, A Day in the Woods. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

A Day in the Woods | Steam Greenlight

A Day in the Woods is on Steam Greenlight!

Our award-winning puzzler game, A Day in the Woods, is finally making its debut on Steam Greenlight! After a fantastic original release on PC, with an overwhelmingly positive response from both journalists and players alike, we’ve made a lot of updates and revitalised the game with each of the 60 puzzle levels either having been streamlined or completely overhauled for an even better player experience. We now believe we have an even better game to share but we need your help getting Greenlit:

We’d love your support!

Please visit the Steam Greenlight page using either of the links below and vote YES! to help get us Greenlit!

*Your Steam client will need to be running for this link to work.

In addition, to say thank you to our original supporters, every player who bought the original A Day in the Woods will receive a free Steam Key of the game once it’s released.

About A Day in the Woods

A Day in the Woods is a stylish re-imagining of the traditional sliding puzzle game. As Little Red Riding Hood’s wispy winged sprite, it’s up to you to solve each hexagon-tiled level and get Red safely to Granny’s house. By moving tiles around each board, you’lll help Little Miss Red avoid bears, spiders and (of course) the big bad wolf while collecting flowers and berries along the way. There’ll be some friends to help you too, including bunny rabbits, beehives and the local woodcutter.


  • 60 updated and streamlined puzzle levels, each introducing new and increasingly complex problems to solve
  • “Par” challenges on each level add an extra layer of difficulty for the puzzle masters to test their problem-solving skills
  • Revitalised artwork adds extra charm to the wood-cut style and fairy-tale feel
  • Updated UI elements are easy to use and understand
  • Even more unlockable elements allow players to personalise their sprite with different wings, flares and trails all in their favourite colours
  • 4 unlockable seasons to play each level in, creating a different, and beautiful, atmosphere
  • Suitable for all ages and enjoyed by children and adults alike


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RetroEpic Selected for #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge

We’re really excited to announce that RetroEpic Software has been chosen as one of the companies taking part in the  #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge. An initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, RetroEpic was identified as one of 5 high-potential startups to be partnered with a Dutch entrepreneur to exchange ideas and innovations for a sustainable future.


After submitting our challenge to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – a challenge to provide business insights and guidance while embracing our completely flat structure of management here at RetroEpic – we were thrilled to be accepted and paired with a Dutch digital nomad. Esther Jacobs joins us on the 10th of August and we couldn’t be more excited to find out how she embraces the challenge we have set for her.
From her website:


As a pioneer and entrepreneur Esther became an expert in getting results with limited resources. The “No Excuses Lady” proves that you can turn even the bleakest situation into an opportunity:


  • Raised $25 million for charities without a budget, network or experience. Got knighted by the Dutch Queen.
  • Survived a reality TV show on a deserted island.
  • Turned her relationship with a playboy into a bestselling book: ‘Have you found your Mr Wrong yet?‘
  • Got ‘fired’ from her country for traveling too much; became a digital nomad, living and working in 100+ countries. The very government that expelled her, is now consulting her on how to solve this issue for future mobile generations.


About  #cocreate2ACCELERATE
#cocreate2Accelerate functions as a stepping stone for those who want to get involved in the many success stories that Cape Town has to offer. Several high-potential local startups are missing the right support to be able to expand their boundaries and accelerate their business. Our goal is to bring Dutch and South African counterparts together; for them to cocreate solutions to local business challenges while establishing fruitful partnerships to mutually benefit their professional endeavors.
Join the conversation on TwitterFacebook and YouTube.
RetroEpic Software | Team Update

RetroEpic News and Updates!

When I first joined RetroEpic Software, two years back in 2014, we were a team of ten people with a website that hadn’t been updated since 2011 and a completely-revamped-almost-finished-but-battling-to-get-production-time-between-client-work game, A Day in the Woods. We also had our first version of Ginjah which included invisible dogs and pigeons.

Fast forward to today. A Day in the Woods is getting ready for its re-release under the Spil Games banner thanks to winning the Unsung Heroes competition. Ginjah has been neatly updated and is almost-finished-but-getting-squeezed-out-by-partnership-game-titles. And we’ve just overhauled our website for the second time, reflecting the move in focus we’ve made as a company from made-for-client games (though we’re still always interested in these projects!) to producing more partnership-titles and our own games.

Something that became ever more apparent (and urgent) as we made the shift and grew the team – and the projects we took on – in size, was the need for both business and project management. While both Eduard and Xavier have taken on managing the programming and art teams respectively, and Niki moved back into the coding team to help with the workload, someone was needed to oversee all operations in the company.

Enter David Hecker. David has been a friend to the RetroEpic Software team since long before we claimed a mountain view in the Cape and was one of the key people providing feedback on the very first versions of A Day in the Woods. He also happens to have loads of work experience and was our key contact at Sunrise Animation when we worked on a variety of titles from Sharkie to Jungle Beat: The game.

David Hecker | RetroEpic Software

The face of someone thrown very much into the deep end.

David joined RetroEpic in the middle of February and has already made a lot of headway in pulling us together and getting projects into manageable schedules. It’s not a simple task, of course, since he’s dealing with a hoard of headstrong, opinionated game developers who really love what they do (something that often translates into us doing far more work than is necessary because we want to achieve the impossible and make each game perfect).

Speaking of games we want to make perfect, if you haven’t yet browsed our games page I would highly recommend taking a gander at the Carrier Deck page. This is a project we haven’t spoken much about yet, but expect to see more blog posts about this cool management title that we’re working on together with Every.Single.Soldier.

The results for our Ludum Dare entries are also out and there’s a lot for us to be proud of. Daoyi and Jem’s game, I am Scree, was placed at #51 for Innovation, #53 for Graphics, #69 for Fun and #72 Overall. Paul’s LapidemMortuis was put at #8 for Mood, #12 for Graphics, and #74 Overall. Keith’s Shifty Thing scored #87 for Fun and #91 for Theme while Megan’s text-based FRAG.MENT.ED netted #74 for Mood.

Expect to see some of these get a bit more love from the team and an updated release in future.

Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 06 May 2016

Phew…that was a week.

I have some good news (again) and some bad news.

First, the bad news. There were a few bugs that crawled into our first alpha build. So unfortunately the game isn’t officially in alpha state yet. We’ve spent the week rooting out these bugs and squashing them. Even the more elusive ones will now have to live in fear because we’ve upgraded our bug tracking tools.

The good news is that we have an alpha build version 2.

PSD Re visioning

This is kind of what the process looked like.


The new bug reporting tools and a lot of testing has made it possible to ferret out all those bugs and squash them. The game is now a lot more stable than it was before even though it’s still missing some features that will make it into the final game.

We’ll report back next week on the alpha status of the game. In the meantime, keep your eyes glued to  this blog. We are setting up to charge through the remaining work on the game which will move us into Beta. I don’t know about you, but I am excited!

Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 29 April 2016

It’s been a long time coming but I can finally say that I have some certifiable good news about the Afghanistan ’11 game!


Today we have sent the alpha through to our partner, Every.Single.Soldier, who in turn is sending it through to the game’s publisher, Slitherine. If the publisher is happy with where the game is at currently, then it will go into testing with a core group of specially selected alpha players who’ll be sending us feedback that we can use to put the spit and polish on this title before release.

Afghanistan ’11 isn’t finished yet, and we do still have work to do on it, but we’re very happy (and relieved) to have got it to where it is and we’re looking forward to the challenge now of getting it to where it needs to be to be released to the general public.

Naturally, we’ll keep you posted about what we’re doing on the game as well as some other projects we’re working on with both Every.Single.Soldier and Slitherine. You can also sign up to our newsletter to get the latest news first. I promise we won’t spam!

For all our South African followers: have a great long weekend!

Ludum Dare 35 | RetroEpic Software

Ludum Dare #35 at RetroEpic

It might only be April, but it’s already been quite a hectic year for everyone here at RetroEpic. We’ve had more projects than capacity and everyone is working their butts off to get things finished – if not on time, then to a polished standard that we can be proud of. So, naturally, we all deserved a bit of a break. Some time off, you could say. Which is exactly why first thing on Saturday morning, this past weekend, 16 April, most of the RetroEpic team were back at their desks in the office.

Ludum Dare 35 had started and we were committed to game jamming. For those unfamiliar, Ludum Dare is a weekend long event wherein people (from around the world) make a game from scratch based on a theme that’s announced as the event starts. For this weekend, the theme was Shapeshift.

At the end of Monday, 18 April, a couple projects had been shelved, a few hundred commits had been made, much fast food and cake had been consumed and we managed to submit 4 different games to the competition. In all their glory, and in no particular order, here are our Ludum Dare 35 entries:

I’m Scree!

I'm Scree | Ludum Dare 35 | RetroEpic

Puny humans have managed to capture Scree, a baby of a highly evolved alien life form, and have plans to experiment. You, as Scree, have plans of your own. Using your tentacles, explore the laboratories and wreak havoc on the pathetic humans. It’d be wise to not be seen, though, as your presence may fluster the weak-minded captors who will bring out security forces.

The art for I’m Scree was put together by the ever magical Daoyi Liu


while coding for the game was completed by Jem Smith

Jem Smith | RetroEpic Software

They also got sound for the game from Ivo Sissolak.

Lapidem Mortuis

LapidemMortuis | Ludum Dare 35 | RetroEpic

There is an old legend told in many cultures that speak of an ancient rocky forest in a cold place. A hardened stony place where five great warriors fought and died in a nasty ass battle. Once a year, on the eve of their death, they arise from the earth in rocky form. Awoken, they slaughter any nearby travellers – ’cause they’re vindictive like that. Their bitterness is  dark and colourless and they’ve been known to kill with only two swings of their ancient blades. One to take hope. The other to end life.

Men of old have said that the blood that seeped into the soil that night caused the birth of a new sickness: rockskin. The sickness turns you to stone.

But it is a very old, old legend.

Being the beast that he is, Paul Lombard did both the art and the coding on the game. Music and sound again provided by the talented Ivo Sissolak.

Paul Lombard | RetroEpic Software


Shifty Thing

Shifty Thing | Ludum Dare 35 | RetroEpic

After over scoping on his initial project idea, Keith put Shifty Thing together in just 10 hours. An infinite runner type game, here you shape shift between objects that are light, heavy, flat and bouncy to get over, under or through a bunch of obstacles in your path.

It’s a decently difficult game, and we expect that with a little polish we’ll have a version on for the general public. Keep an eye open for that.

Also a beast in his own right, Keith Boshoff did all the coding for the game.

Keith Boshoff | RetroEpic Software



FRAG.MENT.ED | Ludum Dare 35 | RetroEpic

The only non-Unity entry from the team, FRAG.MENT.ED is a Twine game. It’s a very short experience, all text-based, that’s best played rather than explained. Best experienced on PC (the game can be played in the browser) rather than on mobile devices.

Our very own email-writing, PR pushing, Megan Hughes is putting her writing skills towards games and trying out the Twine platform.

Megan Hughes | RetroEpic Software


If you participated in LD, please do play our titles and comment and rate them. We really do appreciate every bit of feedback and will endeavour to repay the favour. If you didn’t participate, please play the games any way and let us know what you think!

Afghanistan '11

Afghanistan ’11 Weekly Dev Diary | 15 April 2016

Two important things are happening today, though not both are happy. The first is that it’s our brand manager, Megan’s, birthday today. So, there’s cake and pizza and other things making the office smell delectable. The other thing, which is not so much fun, is that it is Robbie’s last day with us for a little while. He’s off on a wild overseas adventure visiting indie devs and stopping off at A MAZE Berlin.

So, if you happen to bump into this guy somewhere on the European continent, say hi. He’s a pretty friendly guy. Especially if you want to talk about games or football or mountain climbing or cake.

Robbie Fraser | RetroEpic Software

Robbie hasn’t been with the RetroEpic team for very long, but has been instrumental in coding Afghanistan ’11 and making sure we get it done! We’ll miss him while he’s on holiday but we’re hoping to have some new exciting project for him to get stuck into when he’s back. Bon voyage!

Back to our regular broadcast, after that announcement from our sponsors…

What we’ve done this week

  1. We have updated the building art for the HQ as well as the FOB to make it more authentic. The FOB now features the sandbag and tent construction usually encountered in real world scenarios*.
  2. We’ve done our first design of the campaign UI. There are some things that we are not completely happy with so we’ll be doing a second pass during next week.
  3. We’ve done some more work on the continue loop, and we’re happy to report it’s working great now. Units are finishing their moves like they know what they’re doing**.
  4. We’ve squashed a bunch of bugs, specifically surrounding the systems for the campaigns. Our end conditions and triggered events are now much more stable.
  5. We’ve completed and added the artwork for the recon drone.
  6. We’ve also started the process of adding the foley sounds.
  7. Our main menus have received a revamp. Our old design did not quite meet the standards we are aiming for for A’11.
  8. The UI Design for the uniform section of the game has started as well. The uniform is looking great – take a look below!
  9. Implemented the art for units being promoted in the field.

*More square, less hexagon.

**At least someone does. We certainly don’t.

Afghanistan '11 Uniform | RetroEpic Software

What we’re planning for next week

  1. Implementing the achievement tracking that will allow the player to earn medals by completing various special tasks.
  2. Implement the player leveling system. This will tie into the uniform to show what rank the player has achieved.
  3. Have the recon drone fly around the spot to reveal the area the player selected.
  4. Create the animation for the Hercules to drop off the emergency supplies.
  5. Give the campaign and main menu UI’s another pass.
  6. Clean up in game UI. There are a few elements that are showing up in slightly off positions.

And that’s it! We’re super close to being ready for alpha testing which is really exciting. We’ll let you know when we’re headed there and also what new project we have on the horizon soon.