Vehicle Renders

Some renders of a Mercedes Benz, modeled, textured and rendered out by Hunny, one of our talented artists.

FrontView_Final RightSideView_Final

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RGBA – Ludum Dare Submission 2013

You control a character named Brushie, with the aim of killing monsters with your paint Gattling-gun. The catch is you can only be effective in shooting enemies of a different colour to that of your ammo. Your objective is to kill one of each colour of enemy on each platform, turning the platform’s totum to RGB (Red, Green, Blue).










This is a platform shooter set in a minimalist environment, created in under 72 hours by a team of 6.

We ranked #52 overall, and #31 for graphics out of 2346 contestants… plus it was super fun to make :D

You can have a go at it, just follow the link: Play RGBA now.

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Mercedes A-class AR promotion

Here is an Augmented Reality app we made for our clients at Sea Monster. Watch the video below for a better explanation on what it’s all about.

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Reindeer Games

This was a very cool project utilizing AR, made for Sea Monster, where you needed to walk around Cavendish Square in Cape Town, and search for a baby reindeer, through the eye of your iPad. Check out the video below for a better idea ;)

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Sharkie – The Official Sharks Rugby Game


We worked with the awesome talent from Sunrise Productions to make this game for the Sharks rugby team. You can pick it up on  iTunes for iOS & Google Play for Android. Check out the video below featuring some gameplay.

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