Flowing Water

Flowing water! We created this water simulator based on the Flow paper by Valve Software: http://www.valvesoftware.com/publications/2010/siggraph2010_vlachos_waterflow.pdf


WASD/Arrows: Move around
Mouse: Look around
Left-Mouse: Splat blood into the water


  • Vector based water flow, authored inside the Unity Editor, vector fields can be changed at run time too(at a price).
  • Surface debris that runs on the current.
  • Reflection, refraction and water depth.
  • Flowing water colour, comes in two flavours:
    Constant: continually pump sewage into the water plane, pump clean water into the system from a pipe, water washing through a pile of rubbish can pick up that tasty green hint.
    Dynamic: splat blood on the water surface when that zombie takes a hit, kick up silt as your characters run through shallow water and watch it dissipate.

The Future

  • Rigidbodies float in the water and get caught in the current.
  • Surface splashes
  • Surface foam with density maps
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