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A Day in the Woods

A Day in the Woods | Puzzle Game | RetroEpic Software

Get Little Red Riding Hood safely to Granny’s house in this clever new take on the traditional sliding puzzle game. Avoid dangerous wood dwelling creatures and make new forest friends, all while finding the shortest route through each level.

Available on: iOS and Android Coming to: PC

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

The brand new digital version of the award-winning fire-rescue themed board game. Command your skilled squad of highly trained fire-fighters through the hazards of a building set ablaze and rescue the men, women and animals trapped inside.

Coming to: PC and iOS


Ginjah | Mobile Game | RetroEpic Software

Pay close attention with this memory matching game because this one’s filled with cat-titude. The laughing Ginjah cat is planning on messing with your mind so get ready for some paw-some twists in this classic-style game.

Coming to: iOS and Android

Afghanistan ’11

Afghanistan '11 | RetroEpic Software

Command the US military troops in Afghanistan during the 2011 counter-insurgency missions. Find and destroy the Taliban and their resources but win the hearts and minds of the people to truly win the war.

Carrier Deck

Carrier Deck | RetroEpic Software | Every.Single.Soldier

A fast paced management game where you, alone, are responsible for all operations on board the Nimitz-class nuclear powered supercarrier, the USS Ronald Regan (CVN-76) in the midst of active war.

Games Made for Clients

Jungle Beat: The Game

Jungle Beat: The Game | RetroEpic Software

A unique puzzle-platformer created to compliment the Jungle Beat TV series, the game reached the number one spot on iTunes South Africa’s top paid games in its first week of sales.

Available: iOS and Android

ZAC’s Batting Academy

ZAC's Batting Academy | RetroEpic Software

ZAC’s Batting Academy is a game designed around ZAC, the official mascot of Cricket South Africa. The game has over 5 000 downloads on the Android store alone to date.

Available: iOS and Android

Scorch Runner

Scorch Runner | RetroEpic Software

The first game made for the Welsh Rugby team – Scorch – was incredibly well received on both Android and iOS and so Scorch Runner was made as a follow-up title.

Available: iOS and Android

Ruckley’s Tryfest

Ruckley's Tryfest | RetroEpic Software

The official game for the English Rugby team, Ruckley’s TryFest has over 5 000 downloads on the Google Playstore to date.

Available: iOS and Android


Sharkie | RetroEpic Software

The official game for the Durban Sharks Rugby team, Sharkie has over 100 000 downloads on the Google Playstore alone.

Available: iOS and Android