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Flash Point: Fire Rescue


Every person is born equal, then a few become firefighters.

Become a real hero in the brand new digital version of the award-winning fire-rescue themed board game, Flash Point: Fire Rescue. Command your skilled squad of highly trained fire-fighters through the hazards of a building set ablaze and rescue the men, women and animals trapped inside.

Careful strategy will be key to your success as you respond to the unpredictable nature of the flames. The smoke is spreading rapidly, fires are raging and explosions wrack the building. Are you willing to risk damaging the building structure to create a direct route to what could be a false alarm? Is it wise to open that bedroom door with smoking filling the room? Should you put out the smoke in this room or rush past the fire to what you think is a victim of the flames? It’s all up to you and lives are on the line, depending on the decisions you make.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a turned-based strategy game where every move and decision you make matters. Your squad is made up of specially trained firefighters. Make the most of each turn using limited action points and specialized abilities, as you move through the burning building, extinguish smoke and fires and rescue victims from the flames.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue | Golden Geek Nominee
Flash Point: Fire Rescue | 2011 Best Game Designer
Flash Point: Fire Rescue | 2011 Best Game Theme
Flash Point: Fire Rescue | 2011 Best Small Publisher
Flash Point: Fire Rescue | Dice Tower Seal Of Excellence

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