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Do you have what it takes to match tiles while you match wits with the laughing Ginjah?

A memory matching game with a paw-some twist, Ginjah is a mobile game filled with cat-titude. You’ll need to keep track of all the flipped ginger cat tiles while the Laughing Ginjah uses every trick up his fur sleeves to muddle you up!

Flip tiles and match cats as quick as you can to get that clawsy best time. Share your best games on Twitter and challenge your friends to beat you!

Coming soon to iOS!

Unlock all 42 unique cat tiles!

Have fun creating making matches and you’ll be able to unlock even more ginger cat tiles to play with. Each unlock is a surprise. Which one will be your favourite? See if you can find RoboCat, Cat Sparrow and BatCat!

Endless gameplay!

Why stop playing when there’s a best time score to beat? With Ginjah, the fun doesn’t end as youchallenge your memory and your quick thinking skills to beat Ginjah at his own game!

Fun for the whole family!

Children and adults of all ages will enjoy thisdelightful mobile game title with its playful artwork and cheeky gameplay style.

Tell Ginjah off yourself!

Tired of Ginjah ruining your game? Tell him off yourself, on Twitter! You can tweet at him directly or troll the cat by showing off your best times in the game on Twitter too.

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