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A Day in the Woods is a stylish re-imagining of the traditional sliding puzzle game. As Little Red Riding Hood's wispy winged sprite, it's up to you to solve each hexagon-tiled level and get Red safely to Granny's house. By moving tiles around each board, you'lll help Little Miss Red avoid bears, spiders and (of course) the big bad wolf while collecting flowers and berries along the way. There'll be some friends to help you too, including bunny rabbits, beehives and the local woodcutter.


Originally released in 2011 for the PC, A Day in the Woods is a game inspired by traditional sliding tile puzzle titles. Traditional sliding tile puzzle games, a popular style of children's toys and many web games, involve creating a completed picture by sliding squares around until all the pieces are in place. This style of game was the main inspiration for A Day in the Woods where the RetroEpic team saw an opportunity to use the same principle of moving pieces to introduce a new gameplay mechanic. It was also the inspiration behind the carved wooden toy aesthetic chosen for A Day in the Woods which gives it its Grimm Brother's fairy-tale feel. A team of seven people worked on A Day in the Woods, between other client work projects, and completed the game in just over 6 months. A Day in the Woods was released to the public, for PC, in November 2011. Reviews of A Day in the Woods were overwhelmingly positive and in December 2011 Gamezebo rated it #4 Best PC Games of 2011 - just below Portal 2 and Bastion. Following the successful release of A Day in the Woods for the PC in 2011, the RetroEpic team has been hard at work incorporating feedback and reworking the title to release to Apple mobile devices. This was directly in response to a common thread of feedback received from reviewers and players alike: players wished they could play the game on their mobile touch screen devices. Released on iOS in early 2015, A Day in the Woods has been revitalised with each of the 60 puzzle levels either having been streamlined or completely overhauled for a better player experience (so players of the original title will enjoy new puzzles if they purchase this new version). The user interface has had an update too, to work with the mobile touch devices, and new music added to the game as well. A Day in the Woods will also see itself on Android devices, thanks to the teams at Amazon and friends at Finji, in July 2015. Players can also expect a fully updated PC version to hit the Humble Store and the Greenlight process on Steam later in 2015.


  • 60 updated and streamlined puzzle levels, each introducing new and increasingly complex problems to solve
  • "Par" challenges on each level add an extra layer of difficulty for the puzzle masters to test their problem-solving skills
  • Revitalised artwork adds extra charm to the wood-cut style and fairy-tale feel
  • Updated UI elements are easy to use and understand
  • Gameplay mechanics are ideal for the touch screen environment
  • Even more unlockable elements allow players to personalise their sprite with different wings, flares and trails all in their favourite colours
  • 4 unlockable seasons to play each level in, creating a different, and beautiful, atmosphere
  • Suitable for all ages and enjoyed by children and adults alike


A Day in the Woods 2015 Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Unsung Heroes Competition Winner" Spil Games, 24 November 2015
  • "#4 Best PC Games of 2011: A Day In The Woods" GameZebo, 27 Dec 2011
  • "#4 Top iOS Games of April - June 2015: A Day In The Woods" Quality Index, 5 July 2015

Selected Articles

  • "The real hits come up most unexpectedly and without much notice. Although its seeming antiquated on paper and often copied, but you certainly never played a sliding puzzle game with so many creative ideas. 60 levels are a good extent for the genre and technically fulfilled the title the target of a puzzle game by far. If you like creative puzzle fun, will definitely find it here. For me, A Day In The Woods is one of the first candidate on the coveted Game of the Year title!"
    - Tobi, App Gemeinde
  • "A Day In The Woods is a breath of fresh air on the App Store. "
    - Eric Pankoke, Touch My Apps
  • "With its charming board game aesthetic, easy-to-pick up controls and objective, obstacles that feel well-integrated, and no unnecessary bells and whistles, A Day in the Woods is a refreshing take on the sliding puzzle genre."
    - Bryan Lufkin, Gamezebo
  • "If you need a game that looks stunning from every angle and provides a well-built, streamlined challenge, look no further than A Day in the Woods. It's distilled puzzle goodness without any filler!"
    - John Bardinelli, Jay Is Games
  • "#4 Best PC Games of 2011 - While they still have their audience, sliding puzzles are about as old and predictable as puzzle games can get. "Innovative" is about the last word Id ever expect to associate with one. And yet that's exactly what A Day in the Woods is... If you thought you'd seen it all in sliding puzzles, you'd better think again."
    - Jim Squires, Gamezebo
  • "The game itself is polished and accomplishes everything it sets out to. It's suitable for all ages and there are sixty progressively challenging levels. If you enjoy fairy tale based casual puzzle games, A Day in the Woods could be a dream come true."
    - Ian Brown, Venture Beat
  • "The perfect game to play on the go."
    - Rikus le Roux, G3AR

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Paul Lombard

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