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Following the success of Vietnam '65, Every Single Soldier has teamed up with RetroEpic Software to produce Afghanistan '11. From the outset, Afghanistan '11 has been designed to be much more than just a re-skinning of the Vietnam '65 game. Major changes include 3D terrain elevation, complete overhaul of the supply mechanic and the inclusion of a 18 battle campaign mode.


While, as with Vietnam '65, winning the hearts and minds of the local people is a core aspect of the game, Afghanistan '11 expands the conflict to include the concept of Nation Building: The US Military has to equip and train the Afghan National Army in preparation for its ultimate withdrawal from the country. In addition, the US also needs to ensure there is suitable infrastructure to ensure a sustainable Afghanistan post withdrawal. Nation building activities, including building water works at the villages, road works and providing UN aid, helping players win the hearts and minds of the local population. These activities do not detract from the player having to search for and destroy the insurgents in order to create stability in the region. The player will command modern military tech such as drones, mine resistant vehicles, special forces operations and close air support missions. The Taliban forces and local Warlords will wage a fierce campaign to prevent the US establishing any form of stability, including IED's, car bombs, mortar attacks and intimidation of the local population. Afghanistan '11 will also include world events that will materially impact the course of events during the game as well as include a campaign mode incorporating all the iconic battles fought in Afghanistan from the initial invasion to the subsequent withdrawal.


  • A full nation building module, whereby player can affect the hearts and minds of the local population via non-military means (constructing infrastructure and delivering UNICEF aid)
  • An intense 18 battle campaign covering the iconic Afghan war operations from establishing Camp Rhino to the Bin Laden Raid (Neptune Spear)
  • Command the American and the Afghanistan National Army during ground and air operations
  • Drones, multirole fighters and ground-attack aircraft are available to help you to spot and eliminate enemy units
  • Upgrade your bases with specific buildings to offer a better support to your soldiers and military vehicles
  • Random social and political events - like Afghanistan National elections - affecting the balance of power in the Afghan theatre
  • Taliban operations are financed from the growing and harvesting of opium crops. Locate and destroy these fields to cripple the opponent's resources
  • Full range of modern military units including artillery, mechanized and infantry units, engineers, helicopters, etc
  • Special forces including sniper and forward air controller actions, offering you plenty of tactical options



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Afghanistan '11 Credits

Johan Nagel

Robbie Fraser

Paul Lombard

Ed Beukes

Niki Boshoff

Keith Boshoff

Mari Boshoff

Hannes Ferreira

Megan Hughes

Xavier Knox

Theunis Lombard

Jem Smith

Daoyi Liu

David Hecker

Sound Foundry
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