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Ginjah is a memory matching game with a paw-some twist and some serious cat-titude. Do you have what it takes to match tiles from memory while you match wits with the laughing Ginjah? You'll need to keep track of all the flipped ginger cat tiles while the Laughing Ginjah uses every trick up his fur sleeves to muddle you up! Flip tiles and match cats as quick as you can to get that clawsy best time. Share your greatest achievements and unlocks on Twitter and challenge your friends to beat you! Ginjah will undoubtedly have something to say about your tweets, though!


Inspired by the games we played in our childhood, the team at RetroEpic have always been interested in taking traditional, well-known styles of gameplay and types of games and adding that touch of 'epic'. Memory matching games are one such traditional game that the team felt had room for improvement. Memory matching games suffer particularly for having a difficulty curve that sharply declines as one plays. The more tiles that are matched and paired, the easier it becomes to find the remaining pairs in the remaining tiles. Ginjah advances the memory matching game experience by restructuring this difficulty curve. The cat moves tiles around, flips matched pairs back over and otherwise interferes with the board and the game. The only way to beat Ginjah at his own game is to keep a picture of all the tiles on the board in your head throughout the game - and that is something that will definitely exercise the grey matter! The character of Ginjah was created by Paul Lombard, one of RetroEpic's very own art monsters. Paul's wife has a love for cats but an evil overlord (also known as a landlord) wouldn't let the happy couple adopt a pet kitten. The game designer in Paul solved the problem and did the next best thing: He created a game filled with cats just for her. And so, Ginjah was born out of out a love for wives and a love-hate for cats in a weekend in 2014. Since then, the whole RetroEpic team has pitched together to iron out bugs, add clawsome features and bring the cheeky laughing Ginjah to your mobile devices. The team also decided to semi-adopt their own Ginjah cat who visits the office, causes chaos, ensures little work gets done and gets just the right amount of belly scratches.


  • Train your brain with a game that really challenges your memory
  • Unlock 34 unique cat tiles, each with their own cat voices
  • Enjoy endless gameplay that's fun for the whole family
  • Post your best achievements on Twitter and get a response from Ginjah himself!


Ginjah Trailer YouTube


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Ginjah Credits

Paul Lombard

Ed Beukes

Niki Boshoff

Keith Boshoff

Mari Boshoff

Hannes Ferreira

Megan Hughes

Xavier Knox

Theunis Lombard

Jem Smith

Brendon Smuts

Daoyi Liu

David Hecker

Ivo Sissolak
Music, Freelancer

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