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When I first joined RetroEpic Software, two years back in 2014, we were a team of ten people with a website that hadn’t been updated since 2011 and a completely-revamped-almost-finished-but-battling-to-get-production-time-between-client-work game, A Day in the Woods. We also had our first version of Ginjah which included invisible dogs and pigeons.

Fast forward to today. A Day in the Woods is getting ready for its re-release under the Spil Games banner thanks to winning the Unsung Heroes competition. Ginjah has been neatly updated and is almost-finished-but-getting-squeezed-out-by-partnership-game-titles. And we’ve just overhauled our website for the second time, reflecting the move in focus we’ve made as a company from made-for-client games (though we’re still always interested in these projects!) to producing more partnership-titles and our own games.

Something that became ever more apparent (and urgent) as we made the shift and grew the team – and the projects we took on – in size, was the need for both business and project management. While both Eduard and Xavier have taken on managing the programming and art teams respectively, and Niki moved back into the coding team to help with the workload, someone was needed to oversee all operations in the company.

Enter David Hecker. David has been a friend to the RetroEpic Software team since long before we claimed a mountain view in the Cape and was one of the key people providing feedback on the very first versions of A Day in the Woods. He also happens to have loads of work experience and was our key contact at Sunrise Animation when we worked on a variety of titles from Sharkie to Jungle Beat: The game.

David Hecker | RetroEpic Software

The face of someone thrown very much into the deep end.

David joined RetroEpic in the middle of February and has already made a lot of headway in pulling us together and getting projects into manageable schedules. It’s not a simple task, of course, since he’s dealing with a hoard of headstrong, opinionated game developers who really love what they do (something that often translates into us doing far more work than is necessary because we want to achieve the impossible and make each game perfect).

Speaking of games we want to make perfect, if you haven’t yet browsed our games page I would highly recommend taking a gander at the Carrier Deck page. This is a project we haven’t spoken much about yet, but expect to see more blog posts about this cool management title that we’re working on together with Every.Single.Soldier.

The results for our Ludum Dare entries are also out and there’s a lot for us to be proud of. Daoyi and Jem’s game, I am Scree, was placed at #51 for Innovation, #53 for Graphics, #69 for Fun and #72 Overall. Paul’s LapidemMortuis was put at #8 for Mood, #12 for Graphics, and #74 Overall. Keith’s Shifty Thing scored #87 for Fun and #91 for Theme while Megan’s text-based FRAG.MENT.ED netted #74 for Mood.

Expect to see some of these get a bit more love from the team and an updated release in future.